William Innes's Winterland Photos

Okay. Keep in mind I was only 15 years old and had a very cheap camera. I snuck it in my very big, scroungy leather jacket that my brother had given me. I didn't put a flash on it because I didn't want to bother anyone (so I just held it long and still ~ so these are gonna look a bit blurry). I just scanned them at a friend's house. I've never scanned anything before, so I don't know if his scanner is of high/low resolution. Anyway I picked the best 5 of the lot....

Photo #1   Photo #2 Photo #3   Photo #4 Photo #5  
(Click on the photos to enlarge)

If anyone makes a Winterland Night boot for someone, then feel free to use any of these (should they be deemed at all worthwhile).

The marquee shot is the best of the lot ~ I'd like to ask anyone who sells boots to please not use it (or any of the other shots).

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